Friday, September 25, 2009

Video of 2009 Harvest in Cahors

Vintage 2009 at Chateau de Gaudou

I am travelling on business in the great state of Texas where some of the wines I represent will be appearing soon. In fact, you will also find them throughout Mexico as well since this distributor sells into both countries (now that's pretty cool!). So I leave you with a short video offered by Chateau de Gaudou in the Cahors of their 2009 harvest (another region where the year is looking wonderful).

You will notice that they mechanically harvest their lowland vineyards, but all the hillside vines are tended to by hand. This is where the grapes for the 1733 and the Tradition come from. The flatland stuff is sold off in bulk, so don't worry, they're being careful with your babies!

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