Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunny bubbles

It's sometimes amazing how a wine can remind you of certain sights, sounds and smells. But then again, drinking wine is not just about its taste but also about the entirety of the experience, whether its hedonistic, introspective, contextual, or all three.

So over a long and lazy Labor Day weekend in La Jolla I happened upon a bottle of NV Roger Pouillon Rose. I had had a lovely bottle of a Solera-style Champagne they make in late July at the great restaurant 11 Madison Park, so I was eager to try this producer's Rose. Afterward, I also did a little research into Roger Pouillon, where he's located and how he makes his wines. I mean, I am wine geek after all, it's what I do.

So a little information: this small domaine is located in the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, just north of the small city of Epernay. While they don't practice biodynamic viticulture, they do "lutte raisonnee", or sustainable agriculture, meaning they do everything they can to ensure the health of the soils and avoid nasty chemicals.

And the wine? Well, it's like a glass of sunshine-filled flowery bubbles. The fresh taste of kir, strawberries and cherries, with some creamy notes, is something that just feels and reminds one of summer. The salmon color is lovely to behold and contemplate while sitting outside with friends. Especially now that the memory of summer is fading into the cool reality of Fall.

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