Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day Three (the Dust Storm)

Day Three and now things got messy. The crew showed up around 10:15am (a bit late, grrrr...) but nonetheless they quickly erected big plastic sheets, opened the windows and installed fans to suck out all the mess they were making. Today, they'd be digging channels in the concrete for electrical wires as well as enlarging the entrance to the kitchen. There had been a doorway and French doors there, but these were quickly torn down, making the entire apartment look HUGE.

The Kitchen Entrance, 5pm

Amazing how a little tweaking can affect the visual effects...

Trenches in the walls

More trenches in the walls

What I hadn't anticipated was the amount of dust and the mind-bending smell of plaster that permeated the place. Well, at least I slept well and had very, very, very interesting dreams...

At least I am seeing major progress. Only 2-3 more weeks, I've been assured...

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