Friday, March 28, 2008

Day Five (1st Signs of Progress?)

The entrance

Day Five ended with a shocker: visible signs of progress throughout the kitchen. Granted, going from the utter destruction and devastation that had been present to something slightly better wasn't difficult.

Filled in electrical trenches

How awesome, rough corners had been plastered over, and holes in walls had been filled in. Electrical boxes were in place and wires were capped, awaiting the appliances and lights I had bought.

Sketches of the once and future kitchen

Best yet, the guys had laid out in pencil where everything was going, and this allowed me to get an idea of what the kitchen would look like when finished. Grantd, I do have an active imagination, so that helped with the process: the sink would go there, the range here, and the dishwasher right there.

The dry bar begins to take shape

And look at that, the dry bar's drop-ceiling is almost done, the walls smoothed out. How cool!

I was so happy at the progress that I didn't mind finding out that my case of Champagne was on back-order...

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Anonymous said...

Do we have to wait in real time to hear what is being installed? You know, like cabinets, counters, other appliances, plumbing fixtures?

I'll be back.