Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day Four

Trenches for electricity

Day Four of the Great Kitchen Renovation of 2008.

Despite the crew's best efforts, a thin veil of dust covers everything in the living room and bathroom, though our bedroom is thankfully unaffected (seemingly). Dust quickly clings to every inch of exposed skin the moment one ventures from the haven of the bedroom, and seems to slip stealthily into the mouth and eyes.

There was a lot of sawing and hammering and banging, and by the end of the day it seemed like several more trenches for electricity and electric boxes had been dug. In addition, the first tangible sign of progress on something that will be visible after all is said and done was apparent: the drop ceiling for our closet dry bar.

The drop ceiling in the dry bar

Is this a sign? Are things heading in the right direction? Could the dust storm be over soon?

God, I need a glass of Champagne! Where the f*!k is that damned case??!!!

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