Monday, March 15, 2010

Mexican... wine?


I just returned from a long-overdue vacation (first one in five years!) in Mexico, where I sampled much of the local cuisine and beers. And while I swore off wine for the week, I ended up caving in to temptation (most folks know I can resist everything but temptation) and I suppose morbid curiosity by ordering a bottle of Mexican wine. Mexican wine, you ask?

Yes, it's true. They really are making wine all over the world nowadays (look to China soon). And so they make wine in Mexico. And I tasted it while there last week. Happily, curiosity did not kill this cat.

It was the 2007 Monte Xanic Chenin Colombard, a white blend from the Valle de Guadalupe (60 miles south of the border on the Pacific Coast). It's 95% Chenin, 5% Colombard if you're keeping score. How was it? Well, surprisingly, pretty good. Not great, mind you. But while I expected cloying tropical and heavy, almost syrupy and sweet notes due to the region's heat, I was pleasantly surprised. The wine is rather light-bodied, with citrusy and slightly tropical fruits (pears and pineapple came to mind), with a very light mouthfeel and nice acidity, even if the finish ended rather abruptly.

I have no idea what this retails for in the US, but if it's under $15 I'd say try it just for the novelty. It would make a fun aperitif wine or even go with some lighter first courses (fish and shellfish mainly). That said, I won't be tossing my French whites anytime soon. I think I am genetically programmed to prefer those, but still, I have an open palate, and it was a fun wine to try.

OK, back to work. Sigh...

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