Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Into the 21st Century...

Well, after much puttering around, I finally managed to put up a page on Facebook, the annoyingly fun social networking site. So any of you reading this can now also become a "friend" of Vinotas Selections by going here:


And what does this mean exactly?

For starters, you can see pictures of my wineries and the winemakers, chat amongst yourselves, or just bitch and moan about how expensive other wines are. I am, of course, joking. Still, feel free to become a "fan", and of course it's always nice to get feedback.

And yes, I know I promised I wouldn't keep shilling my wines, but I'm not really doing that here, am I? More of a Public Service Announcement, and heck I am putting myself out there for your criticisms...

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