Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Let the Countdown begin...

There are some momentous things afoot, but they won't come to fruition until the end of the month. Not the least of which are the impending end to my kitchen renovation, my 100th Blog Post, which will be quite soon, and which I will try to make as special as possible, and something else, something huge, something so wonderful that... well, you'll see.

Who'd have thought, in September 2006, when I first started this Blog, that I'd have so much to say? Or that so many folks would sign up to hear me rant and rave about wine, food and travel? It does do wonders for the ego, however...

Ah, but what have I been drinking lately? I love good sakes, and have been seeking them out and trying as many as possible as this is a fantastic food wine. So the other night I met up with a friend at a local sake bar and had a delicious bottle:

-Mu Junmai Daiginjo Sake ($48 on the list)

Beautiful, floral and with some soft peach and pear fruit aromas, this was not your Daddy's sake. Dry, and very smooth on the palate, with a rich yet light feel that filled the mouth with a perfumey note. Only at the back was there any hint of alcohol. "Mu" means nothingness, but in a good, ethereal sort of way, and this fit the bill perfectly. While it had presence, it didn't overshadow either the food or the ambience of the bar, it sort of floated in and out of your perception, unlike some other sakes which pummel you with alcohol. I might have to seek some out for my home.

I might also add that I have been finding that drinking a high-quality sake from a regular wine glass amplifies the experience, as opposed to the martini-like glasses or shot glasses that they are regularly served in. But that's just my opinion.

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