Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Great Pratt's Gathering

Every January, the wine geeks migrate north of New York City to a forested glen, within which sits the legendary Peter Pratt's Steakhouse. Like the great herds of the Serengeti, they move in packs, circling each other to find out who's wine is the alpha, occasionally jumping from table to table to sample each other's wares. As the day winds down, a ceremonial steak is eaten, cigars are smoked, and the new year is celebrated with laughter and much camaraderie. Then, one by one or in small groups, they head back out into the cold, the warmth of the afternoon fading into a lovely memory.

Pic 1: The Geeks Gather

Pic 2: The Cheese Master and his Better Half

Pic 3: The California Table (sober)

Pic 4: Opening the Bottles

Pic 5: Pouring the Bubbly

Pic 6: The California Table Begins

Pic 7: Jay Shares his Champagne

Pic 8: A Treasure Trove of Burgundy

Pic 9: The Best Table (aka The Burgundy Table)

Pic 10: Taste This!

Pic 11: Smell This!

Pic 12: Try To Enjoy This!

Pic 13: Despite the Abuse, the Two Jays like each other

Pic 14: Flitting from Table to Table

Pic 15: The Cheese Table

Pic 16: The Three Amigos

Pic 17: Happy Faces

Pic 18: Mingling with Mark

Pic 19: The California Table (not so sober)

Pic 20: Friends meet again

Pic 21: Enjoying the cigars

Pic 22: Showing the IPhone off

Pic 23: What do you mean it's time to go?

Pic 24: The Exodus Begins...

1 comment:

Mark V Marino said...

Michel, you guys really know how to party the cheese alone is a couple hundred bucks forget about the wine, dinner or cigars, get down! Looks like you guys had a great time, what a crew!