Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Nice Snack

As we're setting up the Christmas Tree, our stomachs grumble, so I reach into the refrigerator and find my souvenir from my trip to Madrid: some lovely Joselito Jamon Iberico... Within minutes, it's on the table, slices of bread and some salt alongside to keep us company as we decorate the tree.

As it warms up, you can almost taste the nuts the pigs browsed on before giving themselves up for our pleasure. On the tongue, this silky ham just melts away, almost evaporating.

A nice treat to tide us over before a dinner of 28-day dry-aged boneless sirloin, potato-garlic gratin and sauteed Bok Choy straight from Chinatown. Yum!



Mark V Marino said...

You brought some of the Ham back from Spain? That snack does sound good to me! The bread makes sense but are you saying you put more salt on the Ham, wow, isn't that salty enough for you? Dinner sounds good too. Keep writing!

Mark V Marino said...

Oh really so that is the difference between the Seranno and the Iberian I did not know that thanks!