Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hey, what about wines...?

Ah yes, wines. That is my sole purpose in life right now, and one of the reasons for this blog. Sorry...
I fell into wine around 1996, on a date with a beautiful young woman who worked at MTV. I don't remember her name or how we met, by I do remember what we drank, its nuances, its flavors, how it seemed to explode on the palate with waves and waves of texture and depth, and how even after letting it slip down my throat I could still taste it for what seemed like an eternity.
It was the 1992 Chateau St Jean Robert Young Vineyard Chardonnay.
Then I quickly began reading all I could, devouring with my eyes what I couldn't taste. I even volunteered for a class at the International Wine Center, where I got to taste amazing wines and even take them home to see how they developped.
Well, that was the eye-opener I needed.
What the heck was I doing in the textile industry, something I hated with as much passion as I love the wine business? People in the textile business are mean-spirited, hate the industry, and will cut your throat for a tenth of a penny. Almost everyone I've met in wine loves what they're doing (come on, they're drunk most of the day, who wouldn't?), and at least you get to travel to some of the most beautiful areas of the world. From that point on, it's been a slippery, drunken slope, visiting wine regions and fine-tuning my palate, much to my wallet's dismay...
Now I love Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux and the Rhone, with a few side trips through Italy and even to CA. That said, I've sold my soul to Burgundy.
Burgundy's a temptress, a witch, an evil mocking harpy that rewards careful selection with soul-stirring, stupendously elegant and shiver-inducing wines, but that punishes carelessness with acidic, green-tasting swill that makes your mouth pucker and your head turn away.
More on this to come...

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